Wednesday, July 11, 2007


of something to write about. I'm way overdue. I'd love to do random thoughts like Janelle. But I can't do it as well as she can so I'm afraid I'd sound like an idiot.

Ok. MORE of an idiot. (insert rolling eye emoticon HERE)

So I'll just update you all on my life.

We spend a week at the shore last week. EXCELLENT week. Good weather, good friends. The house is incredible, and right on the beach. We're there with the owners, our friends Roy and Claudia, and their 2 boys.

Well, they're not boys anymore. NOT that they're girls. They're GROWN up. They're MEN. Oh boy are they men.


Here's Adam.

Yeah. It was a tough week.

So the days started with mimosas, then frozen margaritas or daqurias daquarias red drinks.

Then Jerry Springer. Rite of passage. Yell at the tv - SKANK HO SKANK HO. (I really think you need to be there to appreciate this)

Anyway, it's a great week, and one that we do at LEAST every other year. And have been for about 15 years now.

So now I'm home, and Bobby is off in Ohio shooting groundhogs. Yes. Groundhogs. Don't ask. So I'm playing with my Dawgs and scrapping.

Julie came and stayed overnight, and Niki came up - we had a blast. Kay came over and joined us and while we SHOULD have been scrapping, we talked instead.

Ok, now I'm even boring myself. Does anyone really care? No. Only me. But it's my blog so if I want to bore you I will. (insert neener emoticon HERE)

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Everlasting Monday said...

Tigger----you are profound just in your existence!!!