Friday, September 26, 2008

Random thoughts...

Since I haven't updated in a MONTH - that's terrible - I will update with random items.

I have begun my diet and exercise regimen. It sucks. I have lost one pound. 7 more to go. As I drink my glass of wine, I glance down at my thighs and say... screw it.

It's a cool, rainy evening. I have a small fire going in the franklin stove and it's cozy. I will probably fall asleep in front of it. At 8:05.

My new addiction on Fridays is watching Wife Swap. It's on in the afternoon on ... I think it's Lifetime. There's some crazy shit on those shows. I would LOVE to do that, but we don't have kids, so I guess they'd never use us.

My hawt UPS guy got married. ((sigh)) Oh well. Life goes on.

Heading to San Antonio in less than a month. ADA convention. Lots of dentists. WOOhoo. (can you HEAR my eyes rolling?) Should be a good time though - lots of fun in the evenings at least. I'll get to see some Dawgs, and hang out with My Kat...

My Tim was on QVC and I didn't get to see him. I had to watch it after the fact on No fair. He's still my #1 obsession. There's a drive on his blog to get him on the Oprah show. I say the hell with that. How about "Tim Holtz the Show"? They could film it in NJ and I could be a production assistant. I'd wipe his brow and fetch his drinks.

Wine tastes good.

Tomorrow is Family Day at Ramapo College where Larissa is starting her Junior year. We are attending. It's supposed to rain. I'm praying for beer. We have "family day"; "underage kids" and "college". I'm thinking beer will be plentiful. LOL!!!