Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tell me it's not just ME...

Our dental supply company has branched out and now has a Techy department. We need new techies. I don't like our current techies. I forgot they were sending out one of those techies to evaluate our computer system and give us a quote on being our new service techies.

He came at 9am. He was a young man. Not techy looking at all. Not bad looking. Not incredible, not UPS hot or anything like that. But presentable. His name was Sean.

The rest of my office came in at 9:30... and patients would be starting at 10:00. At 9:45 or so, Sean disappeared. We checked all over, no Sean. But he left his usb thingamabob stuck in bsgirl's computer.

SO of course we had a field day - "ooh - Sean left his stick in your thing!" "oh no, Sean lost his thingy!" "Inga's got Sean's thingy!!!" and on and on and on...you get the idea.

And we're loud. We're not a quiet bunch. And we're laughing and hooting...

And then I decided to go outside to get the mail. And I opened the back doorway into the hallway...and with my back to the hall I made one more "Sean's stick thingy remark", turned around... and there stood Sean. On his cell.

Of course he heard it all...

Only me. I swear... only me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keurig -3; tigger -0

Seriously. I have never had such issues with a machine in my entire life.

First of all, for whatever reason, I can put in the water, I can put in the Pod, but putting the mug under the nozzle? Too much for me, apparently. Perhaps I overload on that 3rd step. And I'm really GOOD at step work. Usually.

I found out how quickly I can move right after using my Keurig for the first time. It was probably the 3rd cup I'd set up, when I heard that gurgle noise, telling me that my wonderful hot cup of coffee was about to squirt out of the nozzle, that I turned around and saw that there was NO mug under said nozzle. I flew across the kitchen, grabbed the first mug I could reach and put it under JUST in the nick of time.

The second time... yeah. That didn't happen. I heard the gurgle. Never turned around. Heard the gurgle end. Went to get my coffee, and there was nothing there. Nothing. No mess, no coffee all over the place - nothing. Now, I KNEW I'd made a cup of coffee. So where was it?

That's when I discovered that the drip tray of the Keurig Mini will hold an entire 10oz cup of coffee. Neatly. No mess. Of course, transferring that same coffee to my mug... that's another story.

And then yesterday arrived... and I was making dinner. I needed to open 2 cans. Did you know that a Keurig Mini will not open a can? Even if you put the can on the drip tray and press down the handle? Nope. Won't open. And I giggled to myself... such a silly tigger. Opened the can correctly with my CAN OPENER, added the contents to my pot. Turned around with the second can, and YES - you guessed it - once again put it IN MY KEURIG and pressed the handle.

If anyone knows the proper removal techniques for a head up an arse, please let me know?

I refuse to let this machine beat me. I am a Brave Girl. I will win.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hmmmm.... me?

Go get comfy. This might be a long one. In fact, I may go grab a cup of coffee...

I remember when I first stopped drinking I was greatly concerned that I would lose my "ME". That I would lose my creativity, my love of words, my writing ability (what little of it there is) and my love of dirty and gross... This didn't happen. I found that I still loved the same things, and was able to write and talk about them with the same results. My creativity actually increased... and my focus got better.

That was a huge relief to me.

Then came AA. Six months into it, I know I have changed. I'm a work in progress, and that progress is going to take a long time, perhaps a lifetime, but I'm changing on a daily basis.

And once again, some fear crept in that I was going to change and lose my "ME". I could see the difference in my message board posts... and in my status updates and comments on facebook. I watched myself, almost as if I were looking over my shoulder, as I would type things that I never would have thought to type before.

Things like "Adding you to my prayers"; "hit your knees"; "Can I do anything for you?"; "please call me anytime you need someone to talk to"... stuff like that... I found myself becoming a kinder, gentler tigger. One with compassion instead of detachment. And meaning it. Not just typing the words... really meaning it.

I knew the new brave tigger would be welcomed - ascared tiggers can be trying on your nerves. That part of the new me didn't worry me. It was the baudy, naughty, dirty scraples bo, gross 13 year old boy tigger that seemed to be dwindling... and I was honestly ascared of losing her. Even Jeanne was having trouble doing the Font... trying desperately to find a tiggerism in my Dawg posts...

I was worried that I would lose my tiggerness.

So I asked some people that know me best. And their responses were all the same. I haven't disappeared. I'm just MORE ME, rather than LESS ME! And just so nobody is worried, I still love dirty things, and words like balls, boogers or penetration still make me do the :evil6: face, I love wearing my white socks and lighting candles, my scraples bos still make me wiggle in my seat, I still lust after Cyn's son and truly, any hot guy that crosses my path...

I'm still me.

Dusting it off...

Sniffle, SNEEZE!! Wow... the dust is thick in here. I have excuses. Many of them. Ready?

1) This is the first day I've had to myself since the end of October.
2) Need I go on?

Life has been one crazy journey... the most fun, the most heartache, the most ascary.. journey.

To catch things up, (yes - this is a PRE-post - the actual blog post will come AFTER this) AA is going great - life changing in a good way. Learning more about myself each day. Not necessarily liking what I'm learning, but learning how to FIX what I don't like. So that's a good thing.

Work is work. I guess if I didn't have that to bitch about, I'd find something else.

Still loving facebook, the new RHS1975 page is a hoot - and I've reconnected with a lot of nice people. NEVER in a million years would I have expected this - just read back one year - I was NOT going to revisit high school EVER again - and here I am. Loving it.

Creating... still creating. Made a few angels for gifts... 2 of which went over quite well. The other one? Yeah... NSM. But you can't please everyone, right? Gearing up for Soul Restoration, and in 6 months I will be at Brave Girls Camp.

I find that there are only a few instances that my mind quiets... one is while I'm creating something. So I hope to never lose my passion for art...

So, as you can see, I haven't had a lot to blog about - but promise to be here every day this week. Tomorrow's subject - the new ME. AKA Tigger The New and Improved.