Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's a guy. It's a girl.

So I'm heading up to the park for my walk this morning. It's nice and early, and still not too hot. I walk the 1/4 mile to the park entrance, and start on the walking path.

A few hundred yards ahead I see a shape. It's a person. It's stretching. I get closer.

It's a hawt guy. He's got his back to me and he's using these rubber band thingys to stretch with. All different positions.

I slow my pace in order to enjoy the view. The muscles are incredible. Not TOO pumped, just tight and hard. Legs... butt... OMG the butt was HARD... tiny waist... large back. It was hot, so he was schwetty... shiny black skin... short afro... just fine.

As I got closer, he bent straight down at the waist. He was wearing black spandex shorts. And, well, of course I looked.

Um... did he forget to pack his junk? My mind was trying to process why there was no junk pile. In those shorts there should have been one.

I drew abreast of him.

Yeah. It was a woman.


Message Board Mentality

You could call me a message board addict. I wouldn't disagree with you. At this moment in time, I'm registered at a dozen, and post on 5 every day. I'm not proud of that.

Now, I don't post 10 comments on each one - it's a couple here, and a couple there. Plus checking the smack blog. I don't post on it, but I do read it when there's a breaking news story.

Now you add facebook into the mix. Why I feel the need to tell you when I'm going to work, when I'm home, when I'm drinking, when I'm farming... I don't know. I got sucked into that too, and it's a form of message board.

But there's nothing quite like a real message board. One that you feel comfortable in. Like old shoes. Or your favorite bra. You know what I mean?

On a daily basis I check in with My Dawg of course, and Booktalks and Scrappy Jo's. I read at, but rarely post, and I am loving ScrapFreak for it's old friends and gallery.

Spread too thin? Eh. The first three I mentioned are small sites, not a ton of posting going on. is busy busy busy, but I read what I'm interested in. I posted at SF last night - and got a bit overwhelmed by the busyness of the board.

Funny though, that all of them have one thing in common. The disparity of personalities. You have the quiet ones, the funny ones, the sad ones, the crabby ones, the ones that have been there, done that, the smart ones, the evil ones, the religious ones, the political ones, the jokers, the drinkers, the non-drinkers, the dreamers, the realists, the blunt ones, the ones that beat around the bush until someone else says what they were hoping to...

And yet they are all family. Message board family. Someone not attached to a message board would NEVER understand it.

I'm glad I understand it.

Thanks to my message board families. You know who you are... lol

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OH my poor forgotten blog...

now that facebook has taken over my days, this has bit the dust. A bit sad. I enjoyed this blog. And I'm not going to kill it. I'm going to give it CPR.

Breathe dammit - BREATHE.

I'm on vacation this week. I have spent most of my time in my scraproom. YES scraproom - GOD I love saying that. I'm like a woman possessed. I'm scrapping, I'm altering, I'm BUYING.

And next week is Intercourse. Let's see, I get to see Niki, Julie, Linda, Cara, Liz, Leslie, Amy, Candice, MY KAT, Veronica (maybe?) Amber (maybe?) MY JESSICA... who am I leaving out? And we'll be in a new Love Shack. Looks pretty... Looking forward to it. Good group. I'll miss My Donna though... Intercourse will not be the same without her. Poor Kay will have to make egg casserole with me.

Now... I really must tend my farm. Damn whoever started me on farming. I will find you and get you back.

OH - and heard my new favorite song - it's a song I've heard countless times before when I watch Willy Wonka, but the remix on Tim's blog just GRABBED me...

Go watch - it's from his most recent trip to Ranger: