Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OH my poor forgotten blog...

now that facebook has taken over my days, this has bit the dust. A bit sad. I enjoyed this blog. And I'm not going to kill it. I'm going to give it CPR.

Breathe dammit - BREATHE.

I'm on vacation this week. I have spent most of my time in my scraproom. YES scraproom - GOD I love saying that. I'm like a woman possessed. I'm scrapping, I'm altering, I'm BUYING.

And next week is Intercourse. Let's see, I get to see Niki, Julie, Linda, Cara, Liz, Leslie, Amy, Candice, MY KAT, Veronica (maybe?) Amber (maybe?) MY JESSICA... who am I leaving out? And we'll be in a new Love Shack. Looks pretty... Looking forward to it. Good group. I'll miss My Donna though... Intercourse will not be the same without her. Poor Kay will have to make egg casserole with me.

Now... I really must tend my farm. Damn whoever started me on farming. I will find you and get you back.

OH - and heard my new favorite song - it's a song I've heard countless times before when I watch Willy Wonka, but the remix on Tim's blog just GRABBED me...

Go watch - it's from his most recent trip to Ranger:


Carrielyn said...

Facebook is of the devil. But at least it's a way to stay in touch! Now, BREATHE BLOG BREATHE!!!!

Donna said...

I stay away from Facebook. I have enough stuff I keep up with.

We do miss your wonderful blogging.