Tuesday, August 28, 2007

More updates...

Sick of 'em yet?

It's done and over. Suzanne and I came to an understanding and I was able to have the Tim interview deleted from ScrapLove. Kate gave me credit on the Elsie interview, and things I hope were left on a friendly basis.

When it was all over this afternoon, I looked at bsgirl and said "I'm ready for another cause".

That felt good. And it felt good to have it completed the way it needed to be completed.

Now. Whose ass can I kick now?

Monday, August 27, 2007


SO I typed all this once and it disappeared. Dammit.

I got the half expected response from the SL owner. She claims no knowledge of what Kate did, but said my interview is the property of SL and they can do whatever they want with it.

So I called in the troops. And thank you to PENNY (((HUG))) and Candice!!! I got my ammo and responded with facts. It is MY interview.

I got my apology from Kate. That part is over. Now it's all about what's right and what should be done to rectify this.

Let's see what happens....

Thanks everyone for your support... I luff you guys!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

WHY am I so bugged by this?

By now all my Dawgs are rolling their eyes at me and thinking "let it go Tigger"... but I can't.

At least not til there's closure. For some reason SL will ALWAYS find a way to get under my skin.

2 days ago I was perusing the various websites... you know - sb.com, 2peas, posting at my normal ones... and then I thought to myself "self - go click on SL and see what's new over there".

Hadn't been there in a LONG time. Lo and behold, there was an interview with Elsie Flanagan. Cool. Kate wrote it. I know Kate. She's nice.

Good interview. VERY good interview. Why? Why is it so good? BECAUSE IT'S MINE.

It's my interview with Tim Holtz. No less than THIRTEEN questions are identical. Word for word.

I was astounded. My heart started pounding. At first I thought - no - this can't be. This is a figment of my imagination. HA. HA I say. I pull up my Tim interview. (which btw is only 3 or 4 threads DOWN from the Elsie interview) I read my questions. I read the Elsie questions. Nope. They're mine. It's the same.

Mistake? Couldn't be.

What do I do? I immediately called in the troops... for some justifiable outrage. And received it.

I slept on it for 2 nights and made up my mind. I was not going to let this go. I couldn't. These are MY words. Actually I think one of the duplicate questions was from the group effort put forth by the Mods prior to my sending Tim the interview.

I logged into SL, something that hasn't happened in... almost a YEAR. I gathered my evidence, and pm'd the new owner - Suzwa. I have yet to hear from her, but perhaps she's got a busy day and hasn't been online.

I'm not sure what I'm looking to get out of this. Apology? For sure. Retraction? Possibly. Credit where credit is due? Yes.

It's amazing how much I'll take before I get mad. But this justified anger feels SO good. I just need to hold myself back a bit so that I'm not a BIOTECH. I never want to be known as that. I'm not one to make a nasty post on the thread (although I certainly WANT to) because I know that post will disappear as quickly as it's made. My point will never be made that way.

Perhaps by doing THIS, it will.

If you've lasted this long, thank you.

Quick update - as of this afternoon - I contacted Tim and his words were "you DID the interview - it's yours", I got a pm back from the SL owner and she said she was sorry for what happened, didn't know Kate did that, but my interview is the property of SL and they can do whatever they want with it.

SO that's when you call in the troops. And thanks to PENNY!!! (HUG) and Candice - I got my ammo and fired off another pm to the owner. It IS my interview.

I also discovered that I am locked out of my Tim interview - not any of my other posts, JUST that one. My gut reaction is that Jamie did that when I left SL. I don't think Suzanne would have any reason to do it prior to yesterday. So I can't delete it or even edit one word of it.

Frustrated? HELL yes. Angry? OMG you have NO idea.

I know I have a pack of rabid Dawgs behind me ready to bite, but just wait... lol And thanks for the support. I know this may seem trivial to people, but remember I have a small life. This is SUPER huge in it. SUPER HUGE.

Thanks everyone...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Amy. Z. Gator.

My blog challenge was to write about Amy. That's easy. Amy's my buddy.

There are so many things to say about her. She has a wicked good sense of humor. That's #1. She can also laugh at herself, which is a wonderful trait.

She can handle our teasing with grace and humor. And she gets teased a LOT. *cough*Missy*cough* LOL!!!

She makes us laugh with her stories about the kids at work, her obsessions with certain football players and gay cowboys, (sorry - had to do it) (Steve paid me)and her legendary drinking skills. (you think *I* drink?) HA. HA I say.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Amy in person at the Scary Doll House Crop in PA. I was walking down the stairs (trying desperately not to fall) and she was walking up. We stopped on the same stair, looked at each other and I remember saying "AMYZ GATOR!!!" To which she smiled and said YES!!! We had lots of fun together. Then we saw each other again at the WV crop. Her snowman was legendary.

She's a Jersey girl at heart, which of course raises her up a peg in my book. Us Joisey girls have to stick together.

When I think of Amy I think of partying, Gators, Gnomes (STOP it Missy - it's because of GNEWMAN), beer, little tiny snowmen, flipflops in the snow, lizards and cats, and her escapades with men. Or should I say NONescapades as she likes to remind us.

Amy's a good egg. Luff you Amy! Can't wait til Intercourse!! :evil6:

Friday, August 10, 2007

Photo Challenge

From Candice... take a shot from a different "angle".

Here's mine... it's looking DOWN into my wine glass. (picture me banana dancing)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

All About Amber...

Well, it is my great pleasure to be able to write about Amber.

I first met Amber at sb.com around 3 years ago. I remember joking around with her and Brooke and thinking what a fun girl she was! She has a super quick wit - and comes out with the most amazing things sometimes. Almost NEVER fails to crack me up.

So, I thought she was adorable back then.

THEN I got to meet her. Intercourse, PA. ECC1. The mother of all ECC's. The beginning. I met her at the door with a ... what was it? A martini? I forget. But I think it was green. And I heard her voice for the first time.

Until you have HEARD Amber's posts in HER voice, you don't know what you're missing. She has the most adorable little girl voice I've ever heard. It makes her posts even funnier than they are.

Now, an Amber PWI is like no other. Others have tried, and come close, but NOBODY can PWI like Amber. I SO missed that when she was pregnant.

I love that she'll sing and let us listen, that she'll do wild things with her hair and let us see it. I'll never look at a spork the same way again. Of course, there are many things I won't look at the same way again because of Amber. Grape popsicle anyone?

I love that I've been able to watch her grow into a wife and mother... and she's doing a great job... she's got a gorgeous baby girl that I love to see pictures of!

So, thanks Amber, thanks for the years of smiles and laughter... I luff you a LOT!!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Donna's Blog Challenge!

Name 5 favorite television shows:
2-1/2 Men
How I met Your Mother
HGTV's Design Star
Deadliest Catch

Name 4 favorite memories:
Wildflowers surrounding my breakfast dish on my birthday
My wedding day
Our trip to Alaska
Sitting on the beach at the shore house

Name 3 things you want to do before you die:
Live forever
See every state
get a tattoo

Give 2 names that you would use NOW if you were going to have a new addition to the family:
Human? Lauren, Robert Gabriel

Name the one thing that you're working on now to improve your life:
Oh please. I'm so neurotic that nothing will help.