Sunday, August 5, 2007

All About Amber...

Well, it is my great pleasure to be able to write about Amber.

I first met Amber at around 3 years ago. I remember joking around with her and Brooke and thinking what a fun girl she was! She has a super quick wit - and comes out with the most amazing things sometimes. Almost NEVER fails to crack me up.

So, I thought she was adorable back then.

THEN I got to meet her. Intercourse, PA. ECC1. The mother of all ECC's. The beginning. I met her at the door with a ... what was it? A martini? I forget. But I think it was green. And I heard her voice for the first time.

Until you have HEARD Amber's posts in HER voice, you don't know what you're missing. She has the most adorable little girl voice I've ever heard. It makes her posts even funnier than they are.

Now, an Amber PWI is like no other. Others have tried, and come close, but NOBODY can PWI like Amber. I SO missed that when she was pregnant.

I love that she'll sing and let us listen, that she'll do wild things with her hair and let us see it. I'll never look at a spork the same way again. Of course, there are many things I won't look at the same way again because of Amber. Grape popsicle anyone?

I love that I've been able to watch her grow into a wife and mother... and she's doing a great job... she's got a gorgeous baby girl that I love to see pictures of!

So, thanks Amber, thanks for the years of smiles and laughter... I luff you a LOT!!!


Lynette said...

This is great Tigger. I really would like to hear Amber's voice. I wasn't there, but I think it was Appletini's that time.

Everlasting Monday said...

This is perfect!! I love Amber!

Donna said...

:rofl: this is SO Amber!!!! Excellence Tigger.

Amber Daub said...

Oh, Tigger, I luff you a lot, too!

And yup, it was an appletini and I so needed it after that drive! lol

Carrielyn said...

Awwwww!!! Amber is ADORABLE! Evan says so. He was sitting on my lap when I pulled up your blog, and the first thing he said was, "Who is that cute girl?"