Sunday, April 22, 2007

For the yellow challenge.

I love the color yellow from the inside of these crocuses. Croci.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spa day...

Was INCREDIBLE. I got the BEST massage I've ever had. I did a Lomi Lomi last year and loved it, so I chose the Lomi Lomi again. But this girl REALLY Lomi Lomi'd me. lol

Fun stuff. She had GREAT hands and she used her arms a lot to rub. Of course Hoopy put horrible thoughts into my head 5 minutes before I left for the spa... she told me if they press a certain spot on my foot that I might...

you know. Toot.

WELL I didn't. JUST in case anyone was wondering.

Then I had a pedicure and I now have very pretty red toes. I'm wiggling them as I type.

THEN we went out to lunch and had Cosmos. :banana:

Thursday, April 12, 2007

MORE cleaning... (sigh)

So today is bedroom day. Not looking forward to this because the furniture is HEAVY and I have to move it to clean behind things and the baseboard and such.

It's POURING rain and that means no grocery shopping til later. Since tomorrow is spa day with Binga (bsgirl) I really need to get that chore done TODAY.

I feel that I may have TOO much on my plate for the day.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What I am reading...

that is most excellent is a Harlan Coben - No Second Chance.

I think he is my most favorite author EVER - except Janet Evanovich.

Ahhhh. A clean kitchen.

VERY clean. I don't think I should cook in it for at LEAST a week. It is washed from ceiling to floor and everything in between.

Of course, when I told my friend April this, she said "did you take everything out of your cabinets and clean in there?"

HELL no. I'm not THAT psycho. No offense.

It looks good and it smells good and it shines and sparkles. Enough. Now tomorrow is going to be MEMEME day. I plan on scrapping and hanging out and staying comfy and watching tv and reading my excellent book that I can't put down!

Monday, April 9, 2007


I'm supposed to be spring cleaning.

My excuse? My eyes are dilated from the eye doctor and I can't really see that well. (I know - the computer screen doesn't count - that I see fine)

Bobby's fishing again - he took today off to make the most of the 50ยบ weather. Yes 50. It's BURRRRY cold here. It snowed on and off yesterday.

We went to my sister-in-law's for Easter Dinner yesterday. Good food - good wine. Good scrapbook magazine to read. NO I didn't bring my own - my niece is 12 and she scrapbooks a bit and has a subscription to Scrapbooks, Etc. so I read that while the rest of the people watched On Demand Wrestlemania.

Today I was a good Tigger and went for my mammogram, (EEK), so I'm in the waiting stage of results. I should have them by the end of the week. It always ascares me SO much. Especially since Mary Kay was diagnosed.

I also went to the eye doctor, as I said above, and all was well. Got some sample contacts to try - the ones I've worn for 27 years (NO not the same ones - the same BRAND) have been discontinued. So we're experimenting with different ones.

Now tomorrow Bobby will be back at work and I REALLY must spring clean. I need to pull furniture out, wash walls, vacuum UNDER things... do curtains and windows.

UGH. Maybe I should just go to work. That might be easier.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Garage sale HEAVEN...

They've started up again for the season, and I went this morning. The woman was mostly overpriced for everything there ... except for ONE thing.

I cannot believe the deal I got on these. TEN dollars. TEN!!! I am SO excited.

Of course I have no where to store them, but I'll be ok.

Don't worry about me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Now see...

This is the problem with blogging. You actually have to sign in and BLOG. It's been a week since I've posted something new.

Why you ask?

I have nothing new to report, but I'll tell you what's going on in my life.

I'm excited over vacation - starting at noon tomorrow I am off for 10-1/2 days. I scheduled my 3 month overdue mammogram, my 2 year overdue eye doctor appointment, and a well deserved Spa day with Inga.

I plan on spring cleaning and scrapping and playing. Bobby is working so I'll get some much needed ME time.

I have some auctions going off tomorrow on evilbay - so far 3 things have bids, and 3 don't. BUT one of those 3 things has 8 watchers so I'm a little psyched about that.

What else.

I got another bag of Bertolli Chicken Parm that beat me out of chicken. THREE tiny pieces again. I give up. I'm just going to STOP buying it.

No call yet for Easter dinner. I guess we're not invited. Oh well. We'll make our own fun.

This is kind of like talking to yourself, isn't it? I mean at the Dawg I'm talking to people. Here I don't even know if anyone READS this.

Off to the message boards...