Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ahhhh. A clean kitchen.

VERY clean. I don't think I should cook in it for at LEAST a week. It is washed from ceiling to floor and everything in between.

Of course, when I told my friend April this, she said "did you take everything out of your cabinets and clean in there?"

HELL no. I'm not THAT psycho. No offense.

It looks good and it smells good and it shines and sparkles. Enough. Now tomorrow is going to be MEMEME day. I plan on scrapping and hanging out and staying comfy and watching tv and reading my excellent book that I can't put down!


Julianna said...

what are you reading?

Parkie said...


Dorothy said...

That's one sparkly clean kitchen!! Wanna come clean mine?! :)

April said...

Just clarifying I wasn't the one who said to clean more. NO way!

Sharlene said...

beautiful kitchen, and i love the painted brick? is it real?
looks old style homey kitchen.