Thursday, May 29, 2008

Prize winner... Lynette!

And here is her subject:

How about the joys of having good friends at work?

OH Lord. Such a loaded question. Most of you know that I am blessed with a very strange crowd of people at work.

We have:

The Boss - Dr. Dentist. Nice guy - I've been there 19 years, so we can talk about most anything. Has to work with 6 females everyday, so he's a bit... shellshocked.

Garlic Girl - Ah. The famous GG. If you DON'T know the story, GG is a gorgeous woman, former model, tall, blonde... and stuffs garlic up her woowoo when she thinks she has an infection.

DivaMom - my buddy. The other girls get a bit put out when she will only let ME come help her with things. But we've been coworkers for over 10 years and we know how each other works. She's an excellent hygienist (the only one that can touch MY teeth) and my very first black friend. She's taught me a ton of things - and she's got the best giggle anyone has ever heard.

OSHA - the hygienist that is the polar opposite of DM. She's the one that gave me Cox's and ran me over with the shopping cart. There are issues there.

Beth - the new assistant. She's 27, 5'8", gorgeous. Married, 2 kids. LOVE this girl. Good addition to our office. She's pissed that she can't room with DM, bsgirl and I in San Antonio.

JoJo Poopyhead - the boss's wife. She works on Mondays only. Best sense of humor anyone could ever want to meet. She's evil. I love that about her.

My bsgirl - my buddy.. my partner in crime. We clicked from the first moment we met. She is the BEST straight man anyone could ask for. And she's a listener. She's the best listener anyone ever met. She will show interest in ANYTHING you tell her.

"Inga - I had pancakes for breakfast."

"OMG - really? Were they good? Did you put syrup on them?"

Stuff like that. I love that girl SO much. She's one amazing woman.

Thanks Lynette!!!! This was a good subject. We have a cool group and we do a lot of fun things together. And sometimes we hate each other. It's normal. And we know it - and accept it.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

This needs an update, and I need a subject.

Help me.

First person to give me a good subject to write about will get a scrapbook goodie from my stash.

Give me something you know I can relate to, have had experience with, and will enjoy writing about.

(now we'll REALLY see who reads my blog. ;-) )