Friday, August 24, 2007

Amy. Z. Gator.

My blog challenge was to write about Amy. That's easy. Amy's my buddy.

There are so many things to say about her. She has a wicked good sense of humor. That's #1. She can also laugh at herself, which is a wonderful trait.

She can handle our teasing with grace and humor. And she gets teased a LOT. *cough*Missy*cough* LOL!!!

She makes us laugh with her stories about the kids at work, her obsessions with certain football players and gay cowboys, (sorry - had to do it) (Steve paid me)and her legendary drinking skills. (you think *I* drink?) HA. HA I say.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Amy in person at the Scary Doll House Crop in PA. I was walking down the stairs (trying desperately not to fall) and she was walking up. We stopped on the same stair, looked at each other and I remember saying "AMYZ GATOR!!!" To which she smiled and said YES!!! We had lots of fun together. Then we saw each other again at the WV crop. Her snowman was legendary.

She's a Jersey girl at heart, which of course raises her up a peg in my book. Us Joisey girls have to stick together.

When I think of Amy I think of partying, Gators, Gnomes (STOP it Missy - it's because of GNEWMAN), beer, little tiny snowmen, flipflops in the snow, lizards and cats, and her escapades with men. Or should I say NONescapades as she likes to remind us.

Amy's a good egg. Luff you Amy! Can't wait til Intercourse!! :evil6:


Jessica said...

Amy is a good egg!! Very nice job, My Tigger :love7:

Donna said...

Awesomeness....You did Good.

Amy can really take a joke....she is definitely the brunt of many jokes on the Dawg.

Lynette said...

Very good job. I have been busy today and just got a chance to look.

Parkie said...

love to read this kind of stuff!

Amber Daub said...

Yup, you summed up Amy very well! haha

Everlasting Monday said...