Saturday, January 15, 2011

Keurig -3; tigger -0

Seriously. I have never had such issues with a machine in my entire life.

First of all, for whatever reason, I can put in the water, I can put in the Pod, but putting the mug under the nozzle? Too much for me, apparently. Perhaps I overload on that 3rd step. And I'm really GOOD at step work. Usually.

I found out how quickly I can move right after using my Keurig for the first time. It was probably the 3rd cup I'd set up, when I heard that gurgle noise, telling me that my wonderful hot cup of coffee was about to squirt out of the nozzle, that I turned around and saw that there was NO mug under said nozzle. I flew across the kitchen, grabbed the first mug I could reach and put it under JUST in the nick of time.

The second time... yeah. That didn't happen. I heard the gurgle. Never turned around. Heard the gurgle end. Went to get my coffee, and there was nothing there. Nothing. No mess, no coffee all over the place - nothing. Now, I KNEW I'd made a cup of coffee. So where was it?

That's when I discovered that the drip tray of the Keurig Mini will hold an entire 10oz cup of coffee. Neatly. No mess. Of course, transferring that same coffee to my mug... that's another story.

And then yesterday arrived... and I was making dinner. I needed to open 2 cans. Did you know that a Keurig Mini will not open a can? Even if you put the can on the drip tray and press down the handle? Nope. Won't open. And I giggled to myself... such a silly tigger. Opened the can correctly with my CAN OPENER, added the contents to my pot. Turned around with the second can, and YES - you guessed it - once again put it IN MY KEURIG and pressed the handle.

If anyone knows the proper removal techniques for a head up an arse, please let me know?

I refuse to let this machine beat me. I am a Brave Girl. I will win.



Lisa said...

Tigger, Tigger, Tigger...cans?

Carrielyn said...


Gypsichic said...

lmao..........good grief!