Friday, July 20, 2007

Random thoughts...

Ok. I'm trying it. Janelle is the master of this, so I hope I don't just sound like an idiot.

I have realized that I am a very lazy person. I am also a procrastinator. This is a VERY bad combination.

I like quiet. Right now my house is totally silent. No tv, no radio... nobody is home except me and the only sound is the keyboard... I like noise when I scrap though. I like to play music. Sometimes it's Queen Latifah Sings the Blues, and sometimes it's Yerba Buena.

I no longer listen to the radio in my car. ONLY cd's. I don't like to hear talking. This happened all of a sudden.

I don't like paintings with faces. They ascare me and give me funny feelings in my tummy.

I like wine. I like the buzz it gives me. I am drinking wine right now as I type. I should be using a straw because red wine will stain your teeth worse than almost anything else.

My teeth are very white right now. The deep bleaching worked very well.

I just RAK'd 8-1/2 pounds of patterned paper to Rebecca. It made me feel really good to do that. She is so nice to everyone and always remembers everyone's birthdays with a card...

I don't like to drive. Period. If I can be driven it is a good thing. If I were rich that's the first thing I would do. Hire a chauffeur.

I love to garage sale, but I love to go with Bobby. I went alone this morning and it was not nearly as fun. Even though we bust each other's chops the entire time we're sale-ing, it's just more fun. I didn't find any treasures.

I hate to get gasoline. And I live in a state where we're not allowed to pump our own. So why do I hate it? And I'll hate it even more if I ever have to pump it.

Kat has suggested that I sabotage my washing machine so I can get a new one. This one is almost 30 years old and stalls almost EVERY time I use it. I'm tired of it. But if I push Bobby he will get crabby and defensive. It has to be HIS idea to go. (sigh)

I would like to take a vacation on a houseboat for a week.

I am planning on buying the new Harry Potter book tomorrow at WalMart. If they have it. If they don't I will probably order it and avoid all threads, articles and news reports about it. But I just know the ending will leak out and I'll hear it somewhere...

I only like to vacuum when I'm mad. Otherwise it's just a pain.

That is all.


Everlasting Monday said...

you did good Tigger----

How to get the man to buy a new washer. Go out of town and make him wash his own clothes.

Donna said...

That was good that a word?

Carrielyn said...

You are to harsh on yourself... You do random well.

And when you mentioned about your teeth, I imagined you with glowing teeth like Ross in that one friends episode, just so you know!