Friday, March 2, 2012

What are the chances?

A more serious post this time, in fact, serious enough that I wasn't sure which blog to post this to, here or My Brave Soul... Obviously Faded Rainbows won.

Those of you that know me well, know that I do not believe in coincidence. I believe that a Higher Power is orchestrating everything - and when a 'coincidence' occurs, it's more like a GodWink. Things tend to happen when you need them to.

I've felt a little off for the past week or so - not working a good program, ignoring signs, just not 100%... a little stressed out, worrying about a sponsee, confused and scattered about my professional future and the future of my art, feeling a bit overwhelmed... (which is just when I need a strong program the MOST.)

Today after my meeting I was standing outside saying goodbye to some great people, and we got on a couple of different subjects - my smile being one, and road rage being the other. There is a person in the program that insists my smile can get me out of any situation. LOL And they have a hard time believing that my smile can hide a lot of pain and sadness...

Then we switched over to road rage and how we deal with a slowpoke in front of us. Various finger gestures were mentioned, and then I told them how I felt about a slowpoke. I truly believe that this person was put in front of me for a reason - to slow me down. Obviously, (to me) I have been slowed down in order to experience something - or NOT experience something (like a crash!!).

I dropped my sponsee off, and pondered my life - all the things that I don't have any control over (the CRUX of the problem LOL) and the things I DO have a say in... and then of course got all weepy and pitiful.

Stopped at the A&P to pick up my prescription, and as I walked out a man behind me said "Pretty hair." Not sure he was talking to me, after all I was windblown and hadn't had a brush in my hand in the last 6 hours, I turned around to look at him. About my age, he smiled at me and I said "Thank you so much!" and smiled back at him. As we walked out to the parking lot he said "I always say it's a good day when I can make someone smile."

As tears filled my eyes, I smiled again and said "well, you sure did that."

He said "someone wrote in my highschool yearbook that my strength is that I can always make a person smile."

I said "And look, you're STILL doing that."

And he stopped dead in his tracks like he didn't think of that - and he said "Wow - I am, aren't I? I'm still doing that."

And we parted ways after wishing each other a good day...

Which all boils down to the chance meeting - had I been 10 seconds later or earlier our paths wouldn't have crossed - I wouldn't have gotten a sweet compliment that made me smile, making the compliment giver smile, and a brief exchange of words that made us BOTH happier.

Coincidence? I think not.


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Fabulous!! Thanks for sharing :)

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Lovely! <3

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Wonderful! You both smiled and you were both happier! GODWINK!!