Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hoochie Mama...

You kind of have to be a Seinfeld fan to truly 'get' this. But it's still pretty funny.

Every day at 3:30 me and bsgirl (bsgirl and I?) have a cup of coffee. I always make it. We both like the Hazelnut coffee with some Cinnamon Bun creamer. There are other flavors in the boxes of Keurig pods, but that's our fav.

Now, that said - Sonia has her own box of pods - Butter Toffee. Nobody touches them. She pays for them herself, and they are HERS. And trust me - you don't want the wrath of Sonia upon you.

Apparently bsgirl was unaware of that fact. Yesterday she made her own cup because I didn't want any. She'd watched me enough times to know what to do. As she walked back to her desk with her steaming cup of goodness, I noticed that it smelled more like something Sonia would make... and said "Which coffee did you use?"

"I don't know - I just pulled one of those pod things out. It's really good, sure you don't want some?"

I guess she saw my eyes widen... which made HER eyes widen...

"What? What's the matter? What did I do?"

"You used Sonia's coffee. That's her coffee. Nobody touches her coffee."

"Shit. What should I do? Maybe she won't notice."

"If she comes out here, she'll smell it. Last week Beth took one, and 10 minutes later Sonia went into the breakroom and said 'WHO took one of my coffee's?' I think she counts them."

At that, bsgirl jumped up and said "I'm going to put one of the other flavors in her box so that she won't see one is gone. Give me a high sign if she comes through here. COVER me."

Ten seconds later I see Sonia walking toward the breakroom.

And what do I call out? "HOOCHIE MAMA. HOOCHIE MAMA!!!!"

And my Seinfeld loving buddy bsgirl came barreling out of the breakroom, slid into her chair and made believe she hadn't just committed the crime of the century.

As of right now, over 24 hours later, her scheme has not been uncovered. But should I get questioned tomorrow when bsgirl isn't in, I WILL throw her under the bus.

Because Sonia has her ways of getting even. And I'm gonna be on HER side when it happens.

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