Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to me.

And here I sit in the middle of the biggest pity party anyone would EVER want to see. TRUST me - my pity parties are NOT fun.

I blame it on the Lexapro. Or should I say LACK of Lexapro. I'm clean one week. I feel ... weird. Weird just like when I started on it, so I know it will pass. Things that were "gone" before, have come back with a vengence... but they are GOOD things, so I'm not complaining... if you get my drift.

But I'm wired for sound and today I'm just feeling really weepy and I HATE that. I am not a cryer.

I'm gonna clench my butt cheeks together like Barb said. Maybe that will help.

Over and out...


lkeener said...

Been thinking about you today, Tigger. I know it's your birthday
so Happy Birthday! I left you a little present over at Jo's.
But it's also Mothers Day. And your mom is not around. I'd offer to share my mom with you but I doubt that would make you feel better.
So all I can offer is a good thought, and to let you know someone is thinking about you today.

Carrielyn said...