Friday, June 5, 2009

Midlife Crisis? Or Lexapro withdrawal?

WHO knows. It sure feels like one. What sucks is that it coincides with leaving Lexapro behind, so maybe it's just that.

That little round pill helped me for 18 months. It helped me deal with anxiety. And it worked. But it robbed me of some things that I needed back. And it gave me some things I need to be RID of, like 14 pounds... for someone that has never had a weight issue in her life, 14 pounds was a hard thing to face.

So it's gone. It's out of my system. I've been Lexapro Free for 4 weeks.

The pros: I've lost 4 pounds. I've regained my sex drive times TEN. I don't have to worry about forgetting a pill. I made it through the withdrawals. They sucked, but I'm done. And a pro that also feels like a con... I am feeling things again. Emotions run high.

The cons: Those frigging feelings. I've forgotten how to handle the emotions. So I'm like a new baby taking steps... and sometimes falling down. The appetite... yeah, not eating too much. Drinking more than I eat sometimes. And last but not least, my husband has become annoying again. LOL

Lexapro had the ability to make me mellow. Without being TOO mellow. I handled things differently. My brain redirected. I was quite unemotional. I didn't cry. I didn't overreact. I felt like ME only... relaxed.

And now as each emotion and thought and feeling come back, it's new again. Familiar, but new. I sometimes sit and think about what I'm feeling and realize that I've been there before, and survived. That I just have forgotten that I can do it. If I can do it WITH Lexapro, I KNOW I can do it without.

And if I can't... then we'll need to see about a different drug. Because dang... I can't lose the sex drive again. Sorry. And I can't gain the pounds. That was actually more of an impetus to get off the drug than the sex drive. I was getting VERY upset about the weight.

WHICH all ties in to the midlife crisis bullshit.

Every day I feel the need to validate myself in my looks. This isn't NEW, but it's done with much more desperation now. I know I kicked ass in my 20's and 30's, and I'm not talking face - I'm not THAT vain - I'm talking body. In my 40's it wasn't so much an issue. Well, now at 52? I feel like I'm lost... and I'm ascared that my obsession with my looks are taking a front seat because I can't fall back on the Lexapro to keep me grounded. Does that make any sense? I don't know if I'm using the right words.

I'm hoping it's just my brain firing signals that haven't fired in a while. And the resurgence of the sex drive. All tied up in a pretty bow. I feel like I need validation that I'm still hawt. And sexual. And wanted. And able to fire up a ... well, you know.

So I'm walking the track constantly, not eating, wearing tight, revealing clothing... just waiting for that sideways glance from another track walker, or driver going by, a double take by guys in the grocery store, an appreciative glance...

So... what is it? Midlife crisis or Lexapro withdrawal?


Jeanne said...

:hug: It's probably a little of both. But you have a fantastic support system. Lean on us! We'll prop ya right up!

Steve said...

You want validation?

Show me your b00bs. I'll shop the picture around and get you thousands of comments of validation.

:) I would too.

Lynette said...

OK, I hae been through all this, and there isn't an easy answer. You just reach a stage where you don't have the young guys "seeing" you anymore. It is wierd because it was so easy before. It took me a little time, but if you like who you are, it isn't just about people thinking you are hawt. Do it without the Lexapro and in the long run the changes of getting older aren't all that bad.

Carrielyn said...


Donna said...


Growing old gracefully...paaaaahhhh

I'm fighting it all the way...clawing and grasping at what is left of my youth. I'm not ready to let go of it yet...If you figure it out before me, will you hold my hand while I'm figuring it out?

Love you my friend.

Larry said...

Lexapro left me without a job offer. i was getting close to getting a job, when my lack of feelings from lexapro led me to write to the Superintendent of Schools, and the Principal, who does the hiring got insulted and did not offer me the job. Now after 8 months, I am still having vivd dreams, and my emotions of depression and despair, are all here triple times. I am 66, and should not have had lexapro in the first place, being responsible to take care of a large family. Natural methods would have been much better for me.
I hope you are feeling better. Each day is worse for me.