Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Like Pavlov's dog...

A little background. At my office I am in charge of recording the answering machine message. I do this twice a day. Once at lunch, and once before I leave. I press a button, the machine beeps and I begin my message... they all begin the same way - "Thank you for calling Dr. Vander Vliet's office...."

More background. For 21 years I've been calling prescriptions into pharmacies for my patients. I've never had any issues. Well, except that one time that I had to call one in for a patient with the last name of Dick. And yes - I burst into giggles while on the phone with the pharmacy.

SO... the other day I had to call the pharmacy, and most have the option to leave the prescription info on an answering machine.

I listen, I hear the beep and guess what comes out of my mouth?

Yep. "Thank you for calling ..."

I knew there was no recovery from that. I hung up on the machine. I laughed so hard I cried. I waited over an hour to call the pharmacy back just in case they knew it was ME. lol

That wasn't the worst part.

The next day I did it AGAIN with another pharmacy. Only this time... MORE came out of my mouth.

So there was no hiding. I just giggled my way through the prescription. I will NEVER show my face in RiteAid again. Just so you know...


Lynette said...

I am trying to figure out what subconscious process is going on. There probably isn't one. It was months before I didn't occasionally answer the phone Community Housing Services, how may I help you. Habits are awful.

lkeener said...

HILARIOUS!!! You ARE Pavlov's dog!!
Here's my embarrassing phone moment: The only time in my whole life that I've ever belched was when I was pregnant and yep - called a client and out popped a belch as soon as they picked up the phone. And yep - I hung up.