Sunday, April 18, 2010

All grown up? I think not...

I try to convince myself, (and others) that I'm a grown up. I mean seriously, at age 52 (almost 53 EGADS) I should be self-sufficient, right? I should be able to make conscious decisions that will better ME. Right? I should be able to stand alone and run my household and my body efficiently and in a healthy manner. Right?

Ha. Ha, I say.

Left to my own devices this morning at the early hour of 7:30am, I have gotten the following accomplished:

Drank some coffee.
Drank some more coffee.
Ate a yogurt.
Ate a cold piece of pizza.
Finally showered.
Surfed the 'net.
Surfed the 'net some more.
Worked on a scrapbook page.
Surfed the 'net a little bit.
Realized I was cold and started the woodstove.
Surfed the 'net.
Restarted the woodstove because I surfed the 'net too long and it went out.
Realized it was lunch time.
Ate another yogurt.
Decided I needed some protein, so I poured some nuts into a paper cup and then poured them into my mouth.
Picked up nuts from my carpet.

So there you have it. Left on my own, I got NOTHING accomplished, ate terribly, got nuts stuck in my carpet and socks, and a scrapbook page halfway done.

But I did surf the 'net. ;-)

That's what a normal grown up would do, right?????


CK Photo said...

it is what I would do

lkeener said...

You kidding? Some days, that's more than I get done by 5PM!

Lynette said...

It sounds like most of the days when I don't HAVE to do anything. But then, for most of us that is the point of having lazy days.

AndyBSA said...

I hate when I get my nuts stuck in the carpet, or in my socks!