Friday, February 19, 2010


The sun is shining today... it's in the 40's. It's teasing me. I went out and played in it for a while, and it's true what they say. I feel refreshed, regenerated, happy... lots of energy and thoughts flying through my head. Enjoying this feeling while it lasts.

Finally came up with the topic for my novel. I thought long and hard. (I said long and hard lol) You should write what you know. I know scrapbooking. I know friends. I have a Cell. I think that's my start.

Had blood drawn this morning. Checking cholesterol (ooh I spelled it right)and sugar... when they tested me 3 weeks ago I hadn't fasted long enough. The doctor was wrong and so they had to stick me again. Totally fasting. But I was a big girl and only whined on 2 message boards, 2 email accounts, many texts and facebook.

I'm not eating enough. My new NorthFace pants that cost WAY too much money are falling down. My new jeans are a size ONE. I recognize that I have a problem. I will try to do better. Starting tomorrow. Since all I've had all day long is one slice of cold pizza... and it's 4:05pm. Now it's too close to dinner to eat anything, right?

I'm on day 204! Feel better than I have in years... I should have done this a long time ago. I finally get healthy that way, and now I don't eat. Go figure.

Going to see Bodies tomorrow... with Dave and Cathy, their daughter and her boyfriend. Meeting for breakfast, then a charter bus trip into Manhattan. SO excited about this... spending the day in the city, then back to Rockaway and out to dinner. Good friends... love being with them.

And yes - I will be wearing my new jeans and my new boots. (wink)


Donna said...

I'm so glad you had a good time on your trip! I bet you were the most popular girl on the tour bus!!!

I know you aren't getting sunshine this weekend....take lots of pictures of the snow!

There is a prezzie for you on my blog.

Lynette said...

You know Donna is talking to someone. You might think about it. Don't trade one trouble for another.