Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another question...

came from Karen:

Hi Tigger!!!

Tell us about that great city that you live in in the fun things you do with your hubby and your friends (other than scrappin and drinkin beer LOL).


Thanks, Karen!

I live in Budd Lake, NJ. NOT much to do here - we're on the fringe of farm country, but we're a pretty big town.

I have a nice mall nearby, within 2 miles, and I have a Michael's there. I spend a lot of $$ in that store.

We have a large lake (hence, Budd Lake) that is usually fairly brown and green in color - I wouldn't swim or eat a fish caught there.

Fun things that I do with friends... hmmm.

I have my Hoopy, 2 houses away - we are very close and we scrap and chat and post online and she is my hairdresser also. It's dangerous having her so close, when I get a "change my hair" bug, she's RIGHT there.

I have my friend, Mary Kay, we've been friends since junior high. Her dh is close to my dh, and the 4 of us are together frequently. We do dinners and lunches and basically just hang together.

We are very blessed to have a lot of friends. We spend at least one night a week with them, especially during the warmer months.

When you don't have children, your friends become a very HUGE part of your life. After all, THEY may be the ones choosing my nursing home someday.

I plan on treating them all VERY well.


Scrappinology said...

Hey Tigger! It's me!! Gina (gg loves Matthew) thanks so much for stoppin by my blog...thought I'd return the gesture and see yours!!!

Looks good! I will be keepin tabs on you too! lol!

Carrielyn said...

I think it's great that three things you like about your town are Hoopy, MaryKay and the Michaels. lol (I won't tell Hoopy and MaryKay you mentioned the Michaels first.)

Jeanne said...

wait---are you doing interviews on your blog now?

hoopy said...

aw! thanks for mentioning me tigger! our town is kinda sad isn't it? but you are my hilite of this town too!

Everlasting Monday said...

Awwww..doesn't matter where you live, just who you live around!