Friday, October 26, 2007

Ahhhhh... Intercourse.

Intercourse, PA that is. Gotcha.

Another successful "ECC". Although we call them Dawg Walks now. In my head Intercourse = ECC. Last weekend 11 of us joined together in some rabble rousing. Some scrapping was also accomplished.

This group of girls has been together quite a few times. We're comfortable with each other, and can relax and just have fun and enjoy ourselves. (I ATE EVERY MEAL!!) WOOHOO!!!

Let's see, there was: Amber, me, Julie, Donna, Leslie, Amy, Janelle, Linda, Cara, Veronica and... MY Jessica. What a bunch of silly girls we are. Burping games, beer guzzling, scrapping, back scratching, gift exchanges (Linda, give me the effing box) (yes, that's how WE do gift exchanges - if I'm not rubbing the gift on my crotch, I'm swearing at the possessor of the gift I WANT.)

We are a very demonstrative group. We hug, we cuddle, we rub backs, we climb on each other... we bust each other's asses non-stop. Like I said, it's a good group.

I got 10 pages done in Dawn's book. That's quite an accomplishment for me. I normally don't "create" at a crop. I'm too distracted. I still have a few pages to do, so hopefully tomorrow I will finish.

I stayed up late, and woke up early, so by the time I got home on Sunday afternoon, I was ready to crash. I fell asleep that night at 8:30. Slept straight through until my alarm Monday morning. I am obviously too old for this shit. LOL

If I could figure out how to do a slideshow I would show you the pictures that way. Unfortunately, I am befuddled by it, so I will just post some here.


(well apparently the add image feature is down at the moment, so I'll be back to add photos)


Steve said...

I'm proud of you for being able to eat. I thought about that all last weekend.

And the pictures I couldn't see were probably great! :)

Donna said...

And you were a very good bed partner too!