Friday, March 23, 2007

I sit here beer in hand...

My chores completed... my dinner ready to go in the oven. My house is clean, it smells divine and I'm ready to relax.

Janelle's "J" makes me want to run to Michael's and buy a "T". I have Monica's "T" that she made me for winning a challenge on my dresser here.

Now I want a vintagey Tim "T". Perhaps tomorrow morning. I have a coupon... and a gift card. I could get the "T" for next to nothing.

My ebayed books are doing fairly well - some are selling, some aren't. That's ok - they didn't cost ME anything, so whatever I make is gravy!

Two of the items I listed for my boss sold yesterday, for quite a lot of $$, so he gave me a $25.00 gift card for doing the work! I told him - You paid me for playing on ebay. That was gift enough!!!

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Donna said...

I'm glad you got a gc from your boss...that was really good of him!