Friday, February 25, 2011

My Reality...

Yeah. I'm copying my Princess. I liked her blog post. You can read it here.

1. My bed is only made Friday, Saturday and Sunday. During the week, fuggedaboudit - even if I'm home.

2. I have a hard time creating in my studio when I'm home alone. I gravitate to the computer, and we all know what happens then.

3. If something happens to Charlie Sheen, and 2-1/2 Men goes off the air, I will be seriously heartbroken.

4. However, Lindsay Lohan could drop off the face of the earth and I wouldn't bat an eyelash. Same goes for most of the Housewives, those Kardashian women and all the guests on Maury Povich.

5. In a moment my dryer will buzz, and I will feel resentful.

6. Something that makes me happy to look at: I have a Tigger baseball cap sitting on top of a lampshade in my studio. And a tiara on top of the cap. Not many people can say they have that.

7. I love to clean my bathroom. To me, there is nothing like a clean bathroom, yet the moment it's used for the first time after cleaning, it's ruined completely. Nothing is quite as pristine.

8. My tabs are always open in a specific order. And it must be adhered to.

9. I carry a cup of coffee to all my meetings. I spill my cup of coffee carrying it to all my meetings. Everyone knows when I walk into the room, I require napkins immediately.

10. My dryer is now buzzing and yes, I feel resentful. I think I'll have a cup of coffee before I go fold towels.


Cyn Pip Pics said...

OK - that whole list made me chuckle!

Starr said...

When my dryer buzzes, I turn it back another 20 minutes or so. LOL. I just need some EXTRA time!
;) and I despise cleaning my bathrooms, but I *LOVE* it when it's done.

Everlasting Monday said...

I always spill anything without a lid to each destination. My pant legs always end up covered in coffee or whatever!

Carrielyn said...

LOVE it!

Donna said...