Sunday, April 20, 2008

Seventeen years ago...

the doctor looked at me and said "you have cancer".

Boy, was THAT a wake up call. May 9, 1991. The day my life changed... for the BETTER. Oh sure, the diagnosis, the surgery, the mental breakdown... all that sucked ass.

But it changed ME for the better. Had that never happened, I shudder to think where I'd be right now.

For many years we suffered with infertility. Back in the 80's you had to treat with a specialist, now every ob/gyn offers treatment. I had to go to a specialist about 30 miles away. With a sperm sample tucked under my armpit to keep it warm. 3 times a week. That was fun. NOT. Bobby and I were a team though - and we endured the tests and diagnoses and treatment.

Right before we were ready to discuss artificial insemination, the cancer diagnosis happened.

I look at it this way: had I not been infertile, my cancer would not have been diagnosed so early, and it would have killed me. My infertility saved my life. In more ways than one.

I also found my husband through all of this... and fell in love with him again. He was a caregiver, a lover, a husband and a friend. He was by my side every minute, supporting me, loving me and worrying about me.

He's a good man, that Bobby. I think I'll keep him around.


Donna said...

What a great post....I know there is a long line of people who are so happy you are here with us! My life is richer with you a part of it.

Jeanne said...

awwww! and I am in total agreement with Donna. My life is that much richer knowing you!

hoopy said...

:cry: I love you tigger!
For I would not be hoopy without you!

Everlasting Monday said...

:hug: You are an amazing woman!!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Cyn Pip Pics said...

*sniff* That is the best survivor story I've ever heard. I'm so proud to know you and so grateful that you are still here....with Bobby. :)Love that LO too!