Thursday, May 10, 2007

They say it's your birthday....

Life at 50. A new era. A new decade. Another obstacle under my belt. DONE. No more thinking about "OMG I'm gonna be FIFTY". It's here.

I don't FEEL different. Not that I expected I would. 30 didn't feel different. Or 40. Why should 50?

Yesterday when I was talking to Sonia's (divamom) mother, who is a stunning 62 year old, I told her the only problem I had with 50 was justifying my age with my maturity level. In my head I am not 50.

She said "why do you have to?"

SO true.

Happy birthday to me.

A brief snippet of memory - every birthday that I can remember from my childhood includes me coming out for breakfast and finding my placemat covered in a ring of wildflowers from our yard. My mom and grandmother NEVER failed to do that. I ate my cereal among flowers.

Nice memory.


Carrielyn said...

Happy Birthday Hon!!

{monica} said...

That's a beautiful memory Tigger...hope you had a Happy Birthday!

- Cynthia said...

What a sweet memory and an awesome tradition for them to create. It is such a simple gesture but had to make you feel so special.

daizie said...

what a wonderful memory! Hope you had a fantastic bday!